DPF disasters and engine degradation due to engine oil dilution or excessive back pressure is a very common issue with modern diesels fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter. For many years the only option for DPF equipped vehicles experiencing problems (ie DPF warning light on the dashboard of the car) was to replace the old blocked DPF with a Factory unit. Fitting a genuine factory part was not viable for most people. Fitting an aftermarket DPF does not help either as the aftermarket DPFs fail after a short 20,000 to 30,000 kms.

Now, there is an alternative. We’ve invested a great deal to research the issue in depth. We now have solutions for this problem.


1 option: Our DPF Delete solution COMPLETELY eliminates the problem so that the DPF never haunts you again. Additionally, to take advantage of the freer flowing exhaust system that our solution affords, we can now tune back the power and the economy that was necessarily removed when the manufacturer adopted the DPF system on these vehicles. Another benefit, whilst we are reprogramming the tune file, is to disable other performance robbing, maintenance demanding systems such as the Exhaust Gas Re-circulation System (EGR). Lastly, another problem solved is the Diesel Particulate Filter systems engine oil contamination that occurs. We have seen many vehicles coming in with more diesel in the oil sump than oil!!

Cars since 2007 were using DPF as a way to meet and pass the stringent emissions regulations imposed in 1st world countries. (ie Manufacturers selling these same vehicles in countries such as China, India, South East Asia, South America etc do not have these Systems fitted)


We can confidently provide a COMPLETE DPF removal solution by which we switch off the DPF configurations in the factory ECU and effectively eliminate the DPF from the vehicle both physically and electronically with zero Check Engine Lights appearing on the dash. Your car won’t fall into limp home mode and you’ll get both a performance increase and a fuel saving as well!