Car tracking gadgets might be incredibly useful if you're searching for a quick and effective solution to keep track of your vehicle. Find out more about car tracking technology. A car is a significant investment that needs robust security features. The best approach to secure your vehicle is by installing a car tracking device. While some individuals install car alarm systems and others use keyless entry systems, this method is not as successful as others. A car tracker is a device that uses GPS and is implanted in a secret location inside your vehicle. Through the GPS, you can find a lost car with the aid of the device, which also helps you monitor the actual driving directions made by your vehicle. Our team at Autoprogress Service is an installation expert for automobile trackers. By installing a tracking device, the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle increase tremendously with the help of real-time location tracking. Apart from anti-theft purposes, businesses use GPS tracking systems to monitor the behaviour of their drivers, fuel usage and routes taken. GPS-based applications are also invaluable for businesses such as; car rental companies, ambulance services, distribution services and plumbing companies. Reach our for affordable quality services.


  • Improve a vehicle’s security
  • To be able to locate it 24/7

Our Services

Track installation

Since it’s a sophisticated piece of equipment, a car tracker needs to be installed by experts. To ensure that the installation of the car tracker is completed successfully, Autoprogress Services collaborates with the best car tracking specialists. Once you install our car tracker, we will make sure to give a real-time automobile tracking mechanism using our combined technological knowledge and expertise. A GPS tracker is helpful for tracking the speed, fuel usage, and reckless driving habits in addition to car security. Your needs for installing a car tracker are our specialty, and our autoprogress staff is here to help.

Car Tracking

We provide our clients with tracking services after installing the automobile tracker. To make it simple for you to find out where your car is, we have user-friendly software and mobile applications. Every day, we update our software and programs to make sure they adhere to the highest security requirements. If things get out of hand, as if your car is lost or stolen, we send in our professionals to assist you in finding it using our cutting-edge technologies.

Why Choose us?

An active customer support department that is vital for responding to your automobile tracking questions every day, has been established. Call us at any time, even late at night, if you require one of our services, and we will be there in under 30 minutes. To make sure that customers can easily reach us, we have divided our staff across all metropolitan states. Give us a call right away, and we'll be happy to service your vehicle.

High-tech tools: We have invested in high-end equipment to assure professional installation of car tracking devices. To facilitate our developers' networking and enable real-time vehicle tracking, we make sure the software development department has top-tier PCs and fast internet.

Affordable prices – Regardless of the difficulty of the task at hand, we provide all of our clients with very competitive pricing. To increase consumer confidence in the event that you recruit our employees on the job, we also give them stamped receipts.

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